COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Concealed and open carry guns will be permitted at the Ohio State Fair that begins in two weeks, but the spokesperson for the State Highway Patrol said Wednesday that there is a catch.

Lt. Nathan Dennis said this is no different than in years past, but firearms are permitted outside only. Fair patrons are not permitted to bring guns inside any structures, including barns, food establishments and concert venues.

Last week, the Highway Patrol told NBC4 they have an increased security plan in place for the fair in light of recent mass shootings at public gatherings.

On the matter of guns, representatives from the Ohio Expo Center said, “Fairgoers carrying a firearm, concealed or open, are permitted to enter the outdoor portions of the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair only. If any patron carrying a firearm would like to enter a building, the patron will be given the option to return the firearm to his or her vehicle and return to the fair with an admission handstamp.”

The Ohio State Fair runs from July 27 to August 7. CLICK HERE for more information on fair events.