COLUMBUS (WCMH) – LifeCare Alliance runs Meals On Wheels in Central Ohio and several other essential services for those in need. Over the years, funding has gone down, as demand has gone up.

An anonymous donor is willing to give $5 million to the organization, but they still need your help to make it happen.

The donor is offering to match $5 million worth of donations to LifeCare Alliance’s endowment, meaning the organization could receive up to $10 million. It’s money that will help make sure services like Meals On Wheels keeps running.

“It’s a wonderful interaction every day,” said volunteer Jim Kimnach. “They have good stories to tell and they usually have a smile on their face.”

Kimnach has been volunteering with Meals On Wheels for four years.

“You’re contributing to the community and you’re volunteering,” he said. “It just makes you feel good.”

Darlene Golden gets Meals On Wheels every day.

“I had one stroke and then I ended up having another one,” said Golden.

She enjoys the meals, but also the help.

“I just love it. I just love it,” she said. “It’s very convenient because I’m not able to go out and get my food too much.”

LifeCare Alliance brings 5,000 people meals in Central Ohio. In total the organization serves about 20,000 people, up from 7,500 in 2001, through services that provide food, healthcare and much more.

“We’ve gone here from over 90% government and United Way money to under 50%,” said president and CEO of LifeCare Alliance Chuck Gehring.

He said as government funding goes down, people who need help is going up. Gehring said they’re fortunate they’ve never turned anyone who needs assistance away.

“We just do not want to play god and decide do you get food today or do you not get food today?” he said.

Gehring said donating to their endowment will help ensure a permanent source of funding.

“When he said he was going to do this, I was just in tears,” he said. “We’ve got to be able to get to those people when they need us.”

To donate to LifeCare Alliance CLICK HERE or to learn more about how you can volunteer CLICK HERE.