COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ambulance workers for ProCare said they have experienced paycheck delays three times in the last month, impacting their ability to pay bills.

ProCare Medical Transportation Service, of Circleville, provides private ambulance transportation to area hospitals.

Davian Rogers, of Jackson, worked for ProCare as an emergency medical technician until she experienced three paycheck delays in June and July. Rogers, who has children ages 6 and 8, said she lives paycheck-to-paycheck. She has automatic bill pay that is synched to her payday.

“I usually worked from 11 to 13 hours per shift, at least three a week,” Rogers said. “I have kids I have to feed, not to mention keeping a roof over their heads and electricity, water, you know.”

Rogers said she had planned to stay with the company.

“But not being able to financially know if I’m going to receive my paycheck on time was not something I was OK with,” she said.

Rogers said the supervisor blamed the employees for having not completed all the transportation run reports. Rogers said she did that, but the software program that they use doesn’t lock properly.

“Some of them it does it to, and some of them it doesn’t. You don’t even realize that your runs are still open because you submitted them,” Roger said, which leads to billing problems.

ProCare’s General Manager Troy Hass is also CEO of MedStar in the northeastern Ohio city of Warren. Frustrated workers there complained that their checks were also delayed and that it’s not the first time this has happened.

MedStar was called out for paycheck delays by Congressman Tim Ryan.

When NBC4 contacted Ryan’s office about the ProCare worker’s complaint, a spokesperson said: “Just heard word from a constituent’s son employed at MedStar in our district who tells our office these workers were paid yesterday (July 19), 11 days late. Their next scheduled pay date, we hear, is Friday, July 22. Again, we are monitoring closely and will continue working to ensure these employees are paid what they are owed.”

Ryan said in a statement on July 14, “I am deeply concerned to learn that local healthcare workers employed at MedStar in Warren have not received their paychecks that were due last Friday.

“These workers put their own lives on the line every day to keep us safe and healthy. I am calling on company leadership to resolve this issue immediately, deliver these workers the compensation they are owed, and take every step necessary to ensure this does not happen again.”

NBC4 emailed and called Hass, but has yet to receive a reply.