GRANVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – A Licking County Christmas tree farm is entering its first season since a massive fire ripped through the property.

An aerial photo shows the expanse of Timbuk Farms. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)

Jim Gibson, who owns Timbuk Farms with his wife, bought the now 300-acre plot from the previous owners in 2004. First created in 1952, the business grows and sells Christmas trees for the holiday season, spending years cultivating the evergreens to a proper size for ornaments to hang on them. The couple’s team also maintains greenhouses where they grow poinsettias to accompany Christmas decorations and other flowers in the off-season.

Gibson, however, got a rude awakening about his farm on March 15.

“We had a call in the middle of the night that the building was on fire,” Gibson said. “It took about 8-10 hours to get the fire out … There was over 150 firemen on call that night, so it was a much bigger fire than I ever remember.”

(NBC4 File Photo)

Gibson went to his farm to find it scorched. The farmer said the fire destroyed 30,000 square feet of buildings, and also took out an acre of greenhouse space with it.

“With all of our planting equipment, loading docks, offices [inside],” Gibson said. “It was very emotional, it’s our life.”

The farmer told NBC4 he received a lot of support from the neighboring town of Granville, as well as customers from around central Ohio.

“The customers were, right away, on Facebook and Instagram asking ‘Is the farm okay? We’ve been coming for years,'” Gibson said.

An aerial photo shows the expanse of Timbuk Farms. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)

Normally, a fire of this size on a farm could be devastating. However, Gibson considers himself lucky thanks to assistance from his insurance company, and also because the fire didn’t touch his trees. Gibson said the Christmas evergreens take eight years to mature and be ready to go in a home for the holidays.

“We won’t miss a beat on the trees, you know, we’ve been increasing our production and our number of large trees the last four or five years,” Gibson said. “It’s gonna be a good tree year.”

Gibson’s family also used the insurance money from the fire to build a new, replacement greenhouse — with a key difference.

“We decided to rebuild the greenhouse on this side of the road,” Gibson said, motioning to the sole greenhouse behind his farm’s main visitor lodge. “Basically, to accommodate our retail business.”

Construction crews work on a new greenhouse at Timbuk Farms near Granville, Ohio. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)

He hopes to use the greenhouse as another attraction even outside of the holidays, predicting the best for the farm is yet to come. Gibson added that his crew planted tulips for the spring.

“We’re gonna have a tulip festival,” Gibson said. “The farm full of people and happy, that’s a good feeling, that’s probably what we like the most … We’re really anxious to let people see what we have to offer.”

Timbuk Farms’ visitor lodge opens beginning Nov. 25 through Dec. 18, according to its website. Gibson said it will be fully open for Christmas tree sales and offer a warm fireplace, hot chocolate, food and other gifts.