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AEP Ohio workers return home after a month in Puerto Rico

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Fourteen AEP Ohio workers returned home Wednesday after helping restore power in Puerto Rico.

Among those who came home Wednesday was Rick Kistler of Wooster, who had someone very special waiting for him. Kistler’s son was waiting and leading the charge to greet him.

The moment carried even more emotion because Kistler said his son didn’t know he was coming home.

“He had a hard time seeing me go, but he was ok with it because he knew I was going over to help some people out,” said Kistler. “My wife and my other son kept the secret from him so he didn't know I was coming home today. He thought they were coming down to pick up a friend."

This is the final wave of AEP workers returning home from Puerto Rico. They spent more than a month restoring power.

The island is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Maria, which made landfall six months ago.



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