COLUMBUS (WCMH) — After years of doctors’ visits and concerns over breast cancer, Lauretta Ross decided enough is enough. She convinced her doctor to perform a prophylactic mastectomy, a choice she would make again. 

“I started having ultrasounds. I think I was a freshman, sophomore in college,” said Lauretta. “Every six months my doctor was finding a questionable lump and trying to decide what to do, and I just got sick of being nervous every six months.” 

Lauretta also had concerns based on her family history of cancer. 

“My grandmother had a double mastectomy; my great grandmother had a double mastectomy. My great grandmother had many sisters and many of them had issues and many of their children had issues.” 

After two years of discussions with her doctor, Lauretta, in her 30s, underwent surgery. It was an easy decision for her but not an easy process. 

“You have your surgery then you have your expanders and you’re uncomfortable for like six months and then you have your reconstruction if you choose to,” said Lauretta. “So, it is a hard decision to make but it is a very worthwhile decision to make because I mean my doctor definitely believed that I eventually would have had cancer.” 

Lauretta had to be more proactive than most advocating for her health and peace of mind. Her message for other women, “You can’t skip those appointments you can’t I’ll just go next year I’m sure I’m fine, I mean because you might not be.”