COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The city of Columbus now stands at 89 homicides. Last year, the city didn’t reach this number until late August.

This spike in violence is prompting one organization to call on others to help put a stop to the violence.

The founder of We Are Linden, Ralph Carter, is working to reduce crime in central Ohio. He said when he woke up and saw reports of Saturday night’s string of shootings, he was hurt.

Carter said he doesn’t want to see more people lose their lives to gun violence, and it doesn’t matter what part of the area it’s happening in.

He said that is why it can’t be just city leaders being blamed for the shootings, calling on parents, friends, family, and everyone to be held accountable.

Carter is encouraging everyone to get involved and help the region’s youth into more positive programs by making sure they know about them and that they are encouraged to attend.

“This is a community issue,” Carter said. “The question to these youth is, ‘Do you want to live?’ If that is the reason, you have to take these steps in order to do so.”

Every Monday, We Are Linden takes part in a community event where they feed the community, hold giveaways, and have other organizations providing a list of activities for the youth and others to get involved.