Nine-year-old Paige Vehrs describes Wyandot County from her perspective.

“Cows, tractors, trees grass, corn,” she said.

She participates in the 4-H program here. This year she raised calves.

“I’ve raised them since they were babies,” Paige said. “When they got a little bit older, we started putting a holder on them and we and started walking him.”

Paige Vehrs
Paige Vehrs,9, from Wyandot County, walks her calf from the barn to the driveway. Photo by Tony Mirones

There’s one thing she is not saying.

“I donated all of my money to…” she said with a quiver in her voice as she dropped her head to cry, unable to finish saying the money is going to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus.

“Page has a huge heart,” her dad Ryan explained.

Paige’s cousin, Knox, has spent his entire life at Nationwide Columbus Children’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder. His parents stay at the Ronald McDonald House to be together.

“Being able to just walk across the street to his room is awesome,” said Knox’s dad Keith Vehrs. “Knowing it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’ve given him a bath and you only have a five-minute walk to get rest for the next day instead of an hour and a half drive, it’s worth it.”

Paige came up with the idea of donating the money when she and her dad were watching the news. She learned a boy was giving his 4-H sale money to a charity.

“When your kid does something like this you’ve got to be very happy,” Ryan said.

The calf sold for $1,700 and the community has donated another $1,800 for Paige’s selflessness.