COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus Rickenbacker received 85,000 tins of baby formula from Australian formula company Aussie Bubs Friday.

The tins will be able to fill 1.85 million baby bottles once they hit store shelves.

The shipment arrived around 7 a.m. and is part of the Biden Administration’s Operation Fly Formula that is facilitating large shipments of formula from overseas.

The Bubs baby formula will be distributed to over 4,000 Walmart stores across the country.

“These pallets are now being taken to the warehouse and put in the truck to be transported and prepared for retail distribution. I am looking forward to seeing the product in store, in Walmart stores hopefully in around a week,” said Kristy Carr, CEO & Founder of Aussie Bubs.

Several U.S. agencies, including the USDA and Department of Defense, partnered to streamline the import process to get American babies much-needed formula, but not without intense examination of the products and ingredients.

“The FDA went through a very intensive and in-depth analysis of our products to make sure they meet the same nutritional requirements as the infant formula that parents buy here. So, absolutely, Americans can trust they are buying a safe, quality and clean nutrition,” said Carr.

Carr says Aussie Bubs was the first company to register for the approval process and that her company is dedicated to helping the U.S. meet this vital need.

“We’ve been running our facility 24/7 and we will continue to do that so that we can have a safe and reliable supply,” said Carr.

Columbus’s Rickenbacker airport was chosen as one of two airports to receive the relief package, but this is not the first time it was used as a hub for federal aid.

“At the beginning of the pandemic FEMA designated us as one of the only airports to receive vital shipments of PPE and it’s because we’re located within that geographic region able to get goods to shelves within a 10-hour truck drive of half the U.S.,” said Sarah Mcquaide, Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Three more large shipments of baby formula are expected to arrive at Dulles International Airport later in the week from another formula company from overseas.