A Columbus Police internal investigation has exonerated eight officers for their use of force last year in the arrest of Timothy Davis.

Cellphone video of the incident shows officers punching and kicking Davis in a scuffle that lasted several minutes.

The internal investigation describes Davis as having extraordinary strength in resisting several officers attempts to subdue and handcuff him. The investigation concludes that the use of force was justified.

The incident happened Sept. 1, 2017, inside an east side corner store.

Local Fraternal Order of Police President Keith Ferrell says how a person responds to an officer’s orders dictate the officer’s reaction.

“Sometimes there’s violence involved,” Ferrell said. “That’s the society we live in and citizens dictate that. Not us. We respond to their actions.”

Tammy Fornier Alsaada of the People’s Justice Project says the police findings are alarming.

“To get to the place where we could say that all of those officers have no fault in the beating of Timothy Davis is appalling. It’s hurtful,” Alsaada said. “Anybody that’s human that looks at that tape and what happened on that day in that corner store can see that someone was being abused – that it was excessive all the way through to the end.”

Four officers were counseled for their use of profanity. Shortly after the incident, Officer Joseph Bogard was issued a written reprimand for making inappropriate comments that were recorded on a body camera.