COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Rescuers are calling it a miracle.  

A puppy severely beaten and left in a southern Ohio alley will not only survive but is thriving. It’s thanks to the blood sweat and tears of Ohio rescue volunteers.  

When you see the pictures of what happened and then you look at the dog today it’s hard to believe.  

“She shouldn’t be here,” said her new dad and second foster family Ed Bourne. Against all odds Peanut is still here. “She’s amazing and strong willed and she brings joy every day.” 

At just a few weeks old, this now floppy puppy was found bloody and in brutal shape. Veterinarians were not sure if she would keep her eye, let alone survive.  

Rather than put her down, volunteers had a gut feeling and jumped into action. They took her to the vet and then rescue group Stop the Suffering transported her to Columbus where she stayed with a foster family turned puppy-ICU.  

“Peanut got better every day.  Peanut walked a little more. Peanut moved and she responded to sound and she recovered quickly.” 

Because of trauma to the right side of her brain she always turns right and paces in circles. She has a hard time sitting still and will always have some vision issues.  

“It’ll take longer for her to figure out stairs, she’ll figure them out. It’ll take a little longer for her to be house trained, she’ll figure it out.”  

Even when someone tried, they couldn’t take her life, or the love she has to give.  

“To see all the horrible things she went through, and she loves people and she loves life and she loves toys and she loved you the moment you walked in.”  

The kisses to the camera prove that. It’s the reason why she’s found a home here, with her second foster family who is beyond grateful for the people who came before them.  

“The work that I’m not built for, I don’t even know how to express gratitude to both Amanda and Melissa; both of them saved her life.” 

While Peanut is living with her 4everhome you can donate to the rescues who poured thousands of dollars into saving her.  

Go to to donate to her rescue and call the Shawnee Animal Clinic at 740-353-5758 if you’d like to donate toward the cost of her care.