WILMINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) – The National Weather Service has confirmed that Monday’s storms that later racked central Ohio with power outages also brought a tornado.

The now-confirmed tornado, ranked as an EF1, lasted for just three minutes with touchdown at 7:08 p.m a mile southwest of Kincaid Springs. The tornado dissipated around 7:11, after traveling nearly two miles, with wind speeds hitting 90 miles per hour. No one was hurt or killed while the tornado moved through Pike County, according to NWS.

The weather service’s Wilmington office used aerial images from the Ohio State Highway Patrol to survey the storm’s effects. After looking at wind damage from an area along Dry Bone Road, State Route 124 and Grassy Fork Road, the weather office said an EF1 tornado moved through and caused it.

The report added that “the line of storms and significant storm outflow continued to produce widespread straight line wind damage in excess of 70 mph across much of Pike County, including some localized areas possibly approaching 80 mph.” A warm front, or leading edge of steamy air, provided a corridor for a large cluster of storms to develop into a bowing structure that contained 60-70 mph winds.

The storm system that evolved in eastern Indiana blasted across southern Ohio between 5 and 8 p.m. Monday evening, causing widespread power outages in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, caused by falling trees that took down power lines. Areas of wind damage extended about 270 miles through south-central Ohio and southern West Virginia.

Emergency crews clean up damage from a June 13, 2022 storm in Cynthiana, Ohio. (NBC4 Photo)

There was damage found in “large swaths” of Pike County, but NWS called the tornado “weak.” It said there was a concentrated area of damage with fallen trees and debris thrown around from the west of Dry Bone Road to the east of Grassy Fork Road, as well as beween Grassy Fork and State Route 124.

“Most notably, a garage which was heavily damaged on Grassy Fork Road [had] some of its debris thrown upwind of storm motion,” Wilmington office surveyors wrote.

The NWS said the brief tornado most likely dissolved in the hills east of Grassy Fork Road, but the storm complex continued to bring wind damage. Pike County, which is also served by South Central Power, saw around 750 outages the night of the storm. However, SCP reported otherwise spotty outages through the rest of its service area.