After a handful of tornado sirens failed last week in Marion County, the sheriff’s office scheduled another test this week to make sure all the issues were addressed.

The test occurred at around noon on Wednesday and all of the sirens that failed during the statewide test went off.

Lt. Jessica Fattig says they believe it was a software issue that was quickly solved.

This time, however, there were two different sirens that failed.

The siren off of 423 South and 95 East go off.

The Marion Township Fire Chief immediately called on the help of former Fire Chief Mike Fogle. 

“They’re a maintenance headache,” said Fogle. “I mean, you have to make sure they’re up and you have to physically make sure they’re working OK.”

These sirens are now the responsibility of the local governments.

Luckily for Marion Township, Fogle has had years of experience working with the company that installed them.

Fire Chief Ben Meddles calls on Fogle to lend a hand every time there is an issue. 

The siren on 423 South was fixed within hours. They found out the issue with this siren was a dead battery.  

”I think we have a couple of dead batteries from the solar panels and overtime batteries can only take so many charge cycles before they go dead,” noted Meddles. 

The siren by OSUM near 95 East will be addressed first thing in the morning, officials said.

Officials assume it is also a battery issue.

Marion Township is responsible for five sirens.

Bailey said there are a total of 27 sirens in Marion County.

Each township is responsible for however many sirens are located in their jurisdiction. 

They will run the scheduled test on Saturday to make sure, this time, all of the sirens are working properly.

Meddles says all they can do is continue to fix them as issues arise.