Attorneys Kevin Kurgis and Peter Rodocker say Corrinnia Blake was admitted to Mount Carmel West Hospital last September suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.

They say family members went home from the hospital that night feeling reassured that everything was OK.

“They expected her to live a lot longer,” Kurgis says. “They felt like it was OK to leave… To go home and they could come back tomorrow and see their loved one,” says Rodocker.

Kurgis and Rodocker say they now represent the families of Corrinnia Blake, 55, and 78-year-old Lora Stone.

“In both of these cases, as soon as they got home they were notified they needed to get back to the hospital right away and things had taken a dire turn for the worse,” Rodocker said.

Blake and Stone are the most recently identified Mount Carmel patients who died after being given excessive and potentially fatal doses of pain medication.

Mount Carmel fired Dr. William Husel and has suspended 23 employees amid an ongoing internal investigation.

Mount Carmel says it has identified at least 34 patients under Husel’s care who received excessive doses of pain medication.

The hospital says 28 of those patients received potentially fatal doses.

All of the patients are dead.

Rodocker and Kurgis say they’re clients returned to the hospital to find their loved ones on their death bed.

Family members felt pressured to make quick decisions about discontinuing life-saving measures.

“They both told me the same story that they were put on the spot,” Rodocker says. “They didn’t know what to do. They weren’t expecting this. They knew that both their loved ones weren’t healthy but they certainly didn’t expect they were going to have to come back to the hospital that night and say goodbye.”

Blake died Sept. 25, 2018, and Lora Stone died May 29, 2017.

Blake’s family received a letter from the county prosecutor’s office saying a grand jury subpoena had been issued to collect information about Blake’s case. 

The letter said the family should expect to hear from a Columbus police homicide detective working on the criminal investigation.

Kurgis says he expects to file lawsuits on behalf of both families within the next two weeks.