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'We're not stopping:' Friends of missing teen post signs all over south Columbus

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- If you drive or walk around the south side of Columbus you may see signs which ask for help and information in the search for missing 17-year-old Lindsey Trosper.

Two friends carried emotional weight as they posted more signs on Saturday. 

The two said they’ve helped pass out these flyers soon after their friend went missing on June 18.

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“I would have never thought it would have been Lindsey," said one of Trosper's friends, Americus Ward. 

So far more than 2,200 flyers have gone out in the Columbus area.

 “We’ve been out here since 9 o’clock hanging them up everywhere, the west side, The Bottoms, over off Williams and Groveport Road," said Ward. 

Ward has known Trosper since their freshman year in high school. Now they’re both juniors.

She says hearing the news of her missing friend shocked her.

"It's just crazy, because I never thought like this would have happened.”

With each flyer they post, the hope is that they inch closer to getting answers about what happened to their friend.

“If she can hear us, we’re not stopping until we find you. We’re not stopping until we find her at all," said Ward. 

If you have any information or what happened to Trosper you are asked to contact police immediately. 


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