COLUMBUS (WCMH)– Otherworld is an immersive art experience like Columbus has never seen. It’s also shedding light on a community that needs some rejuvenation. 

The only signs of life at one the abandoned strip mall off Brice Road are inside the old Sports Authority now occupied by Otherworld.

“It’s a strip mall desert with some abandonment issues– that is occasionally an issue of Columbus as a whole,” said Otherworld art director Scott Schaaf. “I think being able to get something creative, something new, can really kind revitalize that aspect of the community.” 

Currently, the final touches are being put on the 32,000 square foot interactive art installation on Columbus’ far east side. 

Making it all possible are various artist and craftsmen and women.

Otherworld is made up of dozens of rooms. Some are rotating exhibits. Others are permanent.

“[We’re] being careful to work with the arts community and hire locals, so it’s not a big entity coming in and having their influence over the space, but it’s really a collaborative effort,” Schaaf added.

Otherworld creators say they don’t have a target demographic. They believe the installations will be stimulating for those on grade school field trips all the way up to older, more traditional art connoisseurs. 

“I call it the peas in the mac n cheese– where you’re drawn in with the fun, entertainment design, but then we put some nuggets of very strong experimentation and interactive art that’s kind of at the front line of the scene right now,” Schaaf said.  

Otherworld is scheduled to be open to the public in May. Click HERE for more information and tickets.