YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The arrest of the alleged Brooklyn shooter Frank James included some help, locally.

Phantom Fireworks contacted New York City Police after hearing there were fireworks in the bag that Frank James had on the subway.

Phantom’s Director of Security Bob Kroner got a picture from the FBI of the items and immediately went to work.

“We did an extensive search on our website and database, and we were able to determine that there was one person that bought those four items. We traced it to one of our showrooms in Racine Wisconsin,” said Phantoms CEO Bruce Zoldan.

They gave the name Frank James to help law enforcement.

Police also determined the gun James allegedly used in the subway shooting was bought in Columbus.

Phantom sells consumer fireworks in 49 states and wants to help people celebrate the Fourth of July and other special occasions by working closely with law enforcement.

“We want law enforcement to know that when you can regulate and you have a legitimate firework company like Phantom, that we can work in conjunction and help whenever there are these types of incidents,” Zoldan said. “The amount of explosive powder in consumer fireworks is limited by federal law, and the industry is regulated.”

Phantom will keep working with law enforcement knowing there’s no control over what people do with them.

“It’s the reality. You can legislate all you want but you can’t legislate against foolishness or criminal acts. You just have to punish people when they violate the law and do something stupid,” Zoldan said.

Phantom has also worked with law enforcement to help with information in other big cases including the Times Square bomber and the Boston Marathon bombing.