(KSNW) Gwen and Scott Hartley have three children. Their eldest Cal was born healthy 14 years ago. Claire was born with microcephaly, and five years later, not yet born, Lola was diagnosed as well.

At 26 weeks pregnant with their third child, Gwen and Scott were told their baby had microcephaly.

It was the second time they’d been given that news, they remember laughing out of shock.

“We laughed, and then within 30 seconds, we were bawling. It was bawling for the second loss of a dream, but also just knowing that your life would never be the same, and we’d already felt that once,” Gwen says.

Claire and Lola’s microcephaly is genetic, but with the Zika virus launching microcephaly into the spotlight, the Hartleys have a message for those affected.

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