HOLLYWOOD, CA (WCMH) — The 90s reboot is almost complete!

On the heels of the “Power Rangers” and “Legends of The Hidden Temple” remakes, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting another 90s icon is making a comeback – Captain Planet.READ MORE: This is the Power Rangers game you’ve always wanted

Per THR, Paramount and the production company of noted environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio are working together on a project, with Paramount working to secure the rights to the cartoon series.

The cartoon series “Captain Planet and the Planeteers,” which aired from 1990-96, centered on five teenagers from across the world with powerful rings that could control natural elements – Earth, fire, wind, water and heart! And when those powers combine, Captain Planet is summoned to help protect the Earth from eco-villains like polluters, poachers or those breaking environmental laws.

The movie will reportedly take place years after the cartoon series, describing Captain Planet as a “washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him.”

The project reportedly was in development at Sony but was shelved and the rights have since lapsed.