TEXAS (WCMH)–A mom’s video of her laughing while wearing a Chewbacca mask is now the most-watched Facebook Live broadcast ever.

In case you missed it, here is the video of Candace Payne’s infectious giggle as she dons a roaring Chewbacca mask.

Payne says in the video that that she went to Kohl’s to “make a couple returns” and ended up buying the “Star Wars” character mask.

“I’d like to say I bought this for my son,” she begins before admitting she really wants to keep it for herself. The next several minutes are full of joy, as she puts the mask on and dissolves into cackles at how funny she looks and at the Wookie roar the mask makes when she opens her mouth.

“I’m such a happy Chewbacca!” she crows between giggles. “This is worth every penny!”

Kohl’s responded on Saturday and showed up to the Texas family’s house to make sure everyone got a mask and a few other “Star Wars” things, too.

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