LANCASTER, OH (WCMH) — A Lancaster restaurant owner is getting backlash for standing up for his staff.

Billy and Lorena Smith opened the Cherry Street Pub about a year and a half ago. The restaurant has done pretty well and has a pretty regular clientele. But in the last few months, Smith said there’s been a dip in tips from some of the clients even though those same clients were still raving about the great service and food.

After mulling it over for a few weeks Smith and his wife posted this to the restaurant’s Facebook page:

We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best pub food and service available anywhere, and frankly feel that we do a damn good job of delivering.  That said, we do not claim to be the cheapest, and that includes our service.  We try to only hire the best servers and we demand the best from them.  These fine people are working hard to support themselves.  Many of them are paying tuition, raising kids, etc.

We have had a lot of customers lately who have told management how great everything was including the service, and then proceed to leave a tip less than 10%.  That includes people who have left notes on credit card slips that said things such as “terrific service” underneath an 8% tip.  FYI folks…..nice words will not pay the server’s bills.

So in an effort to make sure that our staff remains happy and able to support themselves we have a very simple request.  If you are not prepared to give a 15 to 20% tip for good service then please go somewhere else.

The backlash was instant with some asking “How about you pay them a decent wage?” and other’s commenting “You better have some amazing food.”

Servers are typically paid $4.05 an hour. The majority of their take home wages come from tips.

The wait staff at Cherry Street Pub say they appreciate that their bosses would stand up for them, and they say it’s disheartening when they get “verbal tips” about good service then sometimes get tips of 8% or less.

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