COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Twenty-one children died from gunshot wounds in Columbus during 2020. These are their names:

Asier Lewis, unborn. Shot in his mother’s womb, 35 weeks old. The man arrested for shooting Asier was old enough to carry a gun. Asier’s pregnant mother was not.

Ro’mere Harris, age 2. Ro’mere was a toddler. The person arrested for Ro’mere’s death wasn’t old enough to drive, let alone own a gun.

Lidia Ghide, age 12, shot through the wall in her apartments. Police say her neighbor had been handling a rifle when it went off. The bullet traveled through the wall, and killed Lidia, according to the police report.

Demitri Gore, age 12, shot inside his home.

Elijah Copely, 14, shot outside. No-one knows who shot him, or why. He was riding a scooter.

India Corley, 14, was shot on the fourth of July. She fought to stay alive for a week, before she died in the afternoon. No-one knows who shot her, and no-one has been arrested for her murder.

Ciara Bray, 14, fought to stay alive for two days after being shot. She died at midnight. The person charged with her shooting was also a child.

Nysier Terry, 14, found dead shot in an intersection. Two other children were arrested for his murder.

DaWaun Taylor, 15, found shot. No-one knows what happened.

Musse Hassan, 15, died inside a home from a gunshot. No-one knows who murdered him.

Dominic Rodriguez, 16, driving with someone on 270, got shot in the car. A boy, 14 — not old enough to own a gun — arrested and charged in his murder.

Lattarian Harris, 16, tried to buy a gun from Kamal Mustafa, 17. Lattarian died during an illegal gun sale, police say in their report.

Jeremiah Clinton, 16, was shot late at night in December. A person too young to legally own a gun was charged with Jeremiah’s murder.

Hussein Abdi, 16, died inside a home. No-one knows who murdered him.

Erique Forney Jr. 17, was shot outside. The next day, a boy that police think killed Erique, died too. CPD’s SWAT team shot him, and now he is also dead. Joseph Jewell, 17.

Daimar Bowden, 17, found lying on the street, shot. He died at 7pm on a night in July.

Perniel Hook, 17, found in a car, shot. A man, who was the legal age to carry a gun, was arrested for Perniel’s murder.

No-one knows who shot Major Harris III, 17, or why. He was found at the back of Deewood Loop West, and died that night at St Ann’s.

No-one knows who shot Donelle Freeman, 17. He died at dinnertime, three days after Christmas.

Marcus Peters, 15, completed suicide with a gun, one night in July.

All information is extracted from Columbus Division of Police homicide summary for 2020.