COLUMBUS (WCMH) — We love our pets like family, and like to take them everywhere including Red White and BOOM. However, animal advocates are warning do not bring them to the major event or have them outdoors during 4th of July Fireworks displays.

According to the Franklin County Shelter, between 45 and 50 dogs a day are brought in as runaways or strays. With 300 Kennels, the shelter fills up quickly. “Whether its red white and boom downtown or firecrackers in your neighbor’s backyard dogs are very sensitive to that and they tend to bolt,” said Sue Smith.

It’s important to take steps to properly I.D. your dog in case it does run away or get lost. Sue Smith says all you need is to have an I.D. tag, a license, and I microchip. “If all else fails and your dog’s collar becomes lost or the tags are removed from the collar a microchip is the best bet for positively identifying your dog and helping it to get back to you safely.”

NBC4’s Hattie Hawks’ dog Max got his microchip to show how easy it is. Within seconds his chip was placed and checked to make sure it works and Max didn’t even notice. You can get your dog chipped at your veterinarian, local pet stores, or local shelters for a small cost.

While having the proper identification for your dog is important, folks at the shelter ask that you make it so they can’t get away from you in the first place. “Don’t take them with you to Red White and Boom. Leave them indoors in a nice quiet room. Turn on Channel 4.”

In order to prepare for the increase in population at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, there is a special sale called “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” You can get a dog for the price of a license. Certain dogs are excluded from the sale.