CINCINNATI (WCMH) — As the Bengals prepare for another NFL Playoff run, some of its star players are reportedly dabbling in the world of agriculture.

According to a report from Front Office Sports, current Bengals players and Ohio natives Joe Burrow and Sam Hubbard are among a large group of athletes that are purchasing farmland in northern Iowa for roughly $5 million to invest in agricultural growth.

The report says the athletes will lease the land to local farmers and seek a small annual return while looking towards purchasing more farmland over the next few years.

Last month Burrow and his family announced a business venture into professional volleyball, becoming founding partners for the Pro Volleyball Federation. The league is set to begin to play in 2024. His off-the-field headlines also extend to the fashion world as the Athens native cracked the New York Times “Style List” for 2022.

The Bengals are on the path to a second consecutive Super Bowl and will play next on “Sunday Night Football” in a Wild Card Game against the Baltimore Ravens on NBC4.