Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is closing its kitchens again after finding Listeria, it was announced Friday.The iconic Columbus ice cream brand shut down production in April, as well, after finding the bacteria in one of its pints. 

Including this report, the Ohio Department of Health has 85 food recalls so far in 2015.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture says its dairy division has been in contact with Jeni’s, and will continue to be offering any assistance through this process.

Because this was a self-initiated shut down at the plant only, and no product outside the facility is in question, they won’t be part of the process.

When they do start manufacturing again, ODA will come back into the picture.

They typically do checks with businesses in a yearly or every 6 month basis, but with facilities who have had issues, those checks can be more frequent. The ODA has already been that at Jeni’s since the first reports.

Jeni’s said they hired a cleaning company to help them with some of the work at the plant.

A few customers spoke to NBC4 Friday:

“I’m sad for them, small business you can’t afford to be down, especially when it is 90 degrees outside and everyone wants ice cream,” Joe Valenti said.

“They’ve handled it with integrity and I think they’ll be fine,” Matt Barnes said.

“I probably won’t be the first person back, but I’ll see how much progress they make and I’ll be back sometime,” Cynthia Schwartz said.

Full statement: 

“We have found Listeria in our production facility again.

We discovered the Listeria through routine swabbing as part of our monitoring program.

We stopped production earlier this week and have been investigating where and how it may have re-entered the facility. We have a theory and are testing that theory. We don’t yet have a timeline for the resumption of production.

Since resuming production in our kitchen on May 13, 2015, we have been testing every batch of ice cream we have made and holding it until we learned that the testing did not detect any Listeria. So it is with complete confidence that I can say all of the ice cream that has been served in our shops since reopening on May 22 has been safe and is 100% Listeria-free.

We are closing our scoop shops temporarily because we don’t have enough ice cream to keep them stocked. After we eradicate the Listeria and have thoroughly tested the facility, we will restart making ice cream. Sometime thereafter we’ll announce a date when our shops will reopen.

While we would most certainly prefer that Listeria never enter our facility, we do take solace in the fact that our protocols and testing have worked: we found the Listeria before it got into ice cream we served. This finding and our ceasing of production enables us the opportunity to prevent contamination and continue to ensure the safety of our customers.”