COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–In late August, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office pleaded for help to catch a man they said was dumping tires in an alley between Gennessee Avenue and Ontario Street.

The only evidence investigators had at the time was a surveillance video from a neighborhood home.

In the clip, a red pick-up truck pulls into the view of the camera’s lens, and a man is seen getting out of the truck, who then turns to the bed of the truck and begins pulling tires out and drops them onto the ground. In total, nine tires can be seen being pulled from the vehicle. The man then returns to the cab of the truck and drives away.

Since then, investigators with the Environmental Crimes Task Force arrested Jeffrey Carden, 50, and he was charged with felony illegal dumping and transport of tires.

“If you dump tires in nature, they will release toxins and poison the environment,” the sheriff’s office wrote on its social media page.

How to dispose of tires

If you need help getting rid of old tires, you can gain guidance from the Ohio EPA or make an appointment with Liberty Tire Recycling on Jackson Pike.

The City of Columbus does not offer a curbside collection of tires. Rumpke, however, does offer a program to recycle tires to beneficially reuse the material. Federal restrictions prohibit tires from going into landfills.