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Popular Chinese restaurant cited for mouse droppings, unwrapped food

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - The Franklin County Public Health Dept. has called out one of Columbus’ oldest and most popular Chinese restaurants.

Ding Ho, 120 Phillipi Rd., received a warning letter “due to repeat uncorrected and/or failure to maintain sanitary conditions.”

During a recent inspection, inspectors found 24 violations including seven critical ones.

They include:

  • Large amounts of food in the walk-in cooler uncovered or not wrapped.
  • Ice machine and tubs used for making egg rolls in need of thorough cleaning.
  • Mouse droppings spotted throughout the facility.
  • The inspector wrote that facility needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Steven Yee’s family has owned and operated Ding Ho for three generations. He told NBC 4 Investigator Tom Sussi, “It's surprising. It's the health department and you have to do what they say."

Yee is doing just that. “This past weekend, I rented a hot power washer and went through the whole kitchen and everything,” he said.

As for those mouse droppings the inspector said he spotted in Yee's restaurant?

“No. There's some issues we had with that in the past but Eco Lab, our (pest control) company, took care of that," said Yee.

Ding Ho will soon have a follow-up inspection.

Yee said all of the violations have been addressed, adding that none of them affected the food.


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