A shopping mall food court caught the eye of the health department, one of the city’s oldest Chinese restaurants is back on track, and, who gets the coveted NBC 4 Up To Code Award? 

In Columbus, whenever a restaurant fails to correct repeat critical violations, the health department slaps a yellow sticker on its front door, window or wherever the public can see it. 

The latest recipient of the yellow sticker is Cajun Express at Eastland Mall. Over the past two weeks, Cajun Express has had two inspections for a total of 14 critical violations. Here are some recent critical violations: 

  • Build up of black mold inside the ice machine. 
  • Unsafe food temperatures. 
  • Food not date-marked. 

The inspector also spotted a worker checking the temperature of chicken without first cleaning the thermometer. 

Cajun Express will soon have a follow-up inspection. 

Last month, NBC 4 Investigator Tom Sussi told you why Ding Ho, 120 Phillipi Road, was issued a Warning Letter from the Franklin County Public Health Department. Critical violations included: 

  • Unwrapped and uncovered food in the walk-in cooler. 
  • Mouse droppings. 
  • Facility in need of thorough cleaning. 

Update: Ding Ho passed its latest inspection with flying colors; not a single critical violation. 

Drum roll, please! This week’s NBC 4 Up To Code Award goes to La Shish The Greek, 788 Bethel Road.