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Diners test positive for norovirus after eating at Delaware County restaurant

Two weeks ago, we told you about six diners who said food they ate at a popular pizza place made them all sick.

The Delaware General Health District investigated and inspected the facility from top to bottom. Two of the diners submitted stool samples, which were sent to the Ohio Department of Health.

The results are in.

NBC 4 Investigator said they both tested positive for norovirus. The stomach virus is often found in contaminated food or drink. What the health department can't say is whether the pizza and salad the diners ate at Iacono's Pizza and Restaurant, 9303 Dublin Road in Shawnee Hills, made them sick.

"The only way to conclusively link it to a particular source is either to test an employee of the facility that's potentially implicated, or to test leftover food to see if the pathogen you're finding in the ill people is also found in an employee or the facility of leftover food and in this case that didn't happen," said Stephanie DeGenaro, who heads the Food Protection Public Safety Unit for the Delaware General Health District. "So there's no conclusive link to the source."

DeGenaro said the virus is highly contagious, and "There's lots of nausea involved, and it usually hits pretty hard and last for a couple of days."

Iacono's had no comment.


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