COLUMBUS (WCMH) — NBC4 Investigates is holding political advertisers accountable for the claims they make on the commercials you see on TV.

In a 30-second ad, paid for by the Opportunity City PAC, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther asks the people of Columbus to reject a ballot measure that he said would divert tens of millions of dollars from the city to so-called environmental initiatives.

“This is probably gonna be one of the biggest scams in the city’s history,” says Ginther, speaking into the camera about Ballot Issue 7. “You have this secretive group that is trying to take $87 million out of the general fund.”

The petition that landed Issue 7 on the ballot calls for $10 million from the city’s general fund go to an “Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Fund,” $10 million more for a “Clean Energy Education and Training Fund,” another $10 million to establish a “Minority Business Enterprise Clean Energy Development Fund,” and $57 million for a “Columbus Clean Energy Partnership Fund.”

That adds up to $87 million dollars, specifically from the general fund, so this claim is true.

“Could you imagine laying off public health workers? Losing first responders? If this passed, it could put all of that in jeopardy,” Ginther said in the ad, claiming layoffs could happen with $87 million missing from the general fund.

According to the proposed 2021 budget, the general fund is $964 million, with nearly three-quarters of that allocated to pay city salaries.

While it is not possible to predict how the Columbus City Council would hypothetically vote to make up for that $87 million, it’s reasonable to believe the personnel budget could be trimmed. Therefore, that claim is likely true.

Regarding the word, “secretive,” which Ginther uses to describe the group behind Issue 7, NBC4 Investigates is working to learn more about them and will update with more information later in the week.