LANCASTER, Ohio (WCMH)–Three women are suing a spa in Lancaster, Ohio. Each said they went for a relaxing massage and were violated.

Chicago-based Attorney Beth Fegan filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jane Does 1, 2, and 3, against Natural Remedies Massage.

“It’s really disturbing to know that you can place your trust in a business, and they’ll turn around and use that to abuse you,” Fegan said.

Because neither the owner of the business nor the massage therapist has been charged with a crime, NBC4 Investigates is not releasing their names.

The lawsuit claims the same massage therapist sexually assaulted each woman during their appointments by exposing and touching their genitals. According to the lawsuit, one of the Jane Does complained to the owner of Natural Remedies, who took no action.

“I think that we’re going to find that a long line of women have been abused and that the owner of the business knew about it,” Fegan said.

NBC4 Investigates asked the Lancaster Police Department for calls for service to Natural Remedies. The department shared three police reports dating back to 2019, each filed by a woman accusing the same massage therapist of sexual assault.

Allegations in the lawsuit date back to November 2020.

The massage therapist accused of assault has an active massage license, but the owner of Natural Remedies does not. It was suspended in October 2020 after she violated a consent agreement related to substance abuse in 2019.

The owner of Natural Remedies would not discuss the lawsuit but told NBC4 Investigates that the accused massage therapist no longer works for her. She said she no longer massages clients, either.

“I’m doing relaxation, which I’m legally allowed to do. But that’s it,” she said.

The “Staff” page on the Natural Remedies website lists neither the owner nor the accused therapist.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages for the women, who Fegan said have suffered from depression and panic attacks as a result of the alleged assault. Fegan said the women are in therapy and have lost wages due to missing work.

“I want to see this business take responsibility for the hurt and the trauma that it has caused,” Fegan said.

The Lancaster Police Department confirms that there is an ongoing investigation in the massage therapist, but would not go into any further detail.