Police: Columbus woman tried to hire hit-man to kill victim in ex-boyfriend's rape case

It's the sort of murder-for-hire plot you'd expect to see in a low-budget movie. 

A man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman allegedly talks his ex-girlfriend into hiring a hit man to knock off the victim, so she can't testify against him in court.  

But this is no movie plot. The sinister plan played out here in Columbus, according to police. 

Kayla Dawn Deruyscher, 30, is behind bars at the Franklin County Jail on a two-million-dollar bond. The Columbus woman is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. 

NBC 4 Investigator Tom Sussi spoke with the suspect's friend, who was with Deruyscher when police arrested her. 

Noah Roberts said he was "sitting in the car" at Wendy's on the corner of Sullivant Avenue and Crescent Road on the city's West Side. "Next thing you know police surround us," he said. 

Roberts said police immediately hand-cuffed Deruyscher. He said the woman's two daughters, ages nine and six, were sitting in the backseat of the car. "Screaming and crying about their mom," he recalled. 

Roberts said they were "getting ready to go to the swimming pool." 

Police said Deruyscher is in deep trouble. Deruyscher and her ex-boyfriend, Warren Rodenberger, are accused of concocting up a plan to kill the woman Rodenberger is charged with kidnapping and raping. 

Police said Rodenberger planned it out from behind bars. Police said he provided Deruyscher with the intended target's name, work and home addresses, even the woman's home garage code. 

What the pregnant mother of two didn't realize is the man she paid $500.00 to do the job was no hit man but an undercover cop. 

Roberts said the allegations are hard to believe. "She's always done what she's had to do; help anybody out." 

For now, the woman's two children are staying with her mother in Columbus. In terms of a criminal record, the only thing Sussi could find was a 2017 traffic citation. 


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