Two cats found were dead in a dilapidated trailer in Frazeysburg in Licking County. A dozen other cats and nine kittens are clinging to life.

The mother and daughter charged with abandoning the animals and leaving them for dead run a non-profit dog rescue called Pittie Paw Rescue.

NBC 4 Investigator Tom Sussi first told you about this story Monday.

Sussi is digging into another layer of this disturbing story: where the rescue’s dogs are staying.

We learned the dogs, about 71 of them we’re told, are warehoused in a former cabinet factory in Walhonding in Knox County.

Amanda Cody, who lives next to the “doggie compound,” said Joyce Meisenhelder and her 24-year-old daughter, Kristin Beaupry, brought the dogs to the building about a month ago. The family-run Pittie Paw Rescue.

“I wouldn’t raise chickens in that building,” said Cody. “It’s disgusting.”

Officials told Sussi the dogs lived with Meisenhelder in a house in Frazeysburg, until last month, when she was evicted. The rescue kept 23 cats and kittens in a nearby trailer. They were left behind; the dogs were relocated to Walhonding.

Cody said either Meisenhelder or Beaupry check on them about once a day. Rarely does she see any of the dogs outside of the compound.

“We see the same rotating six dogs,” said Cody. “That’s it.”

A viewer provided Sussi with some pictures they said were recently taken from inside building where the dogs stay. No apparent ventilation or natural light. Only what looks like rows of kennels being built.

“Are they being fed, watered? Who knows,” said Cody.

About a month ago, Cody said she contacted the Knox County Animal Control.

“But they told me they (Meisenhelder and Beaupry) haven’t broken any laws so there’s nothing they can do.”

This afternoon, Sussi dropped by Knox County Animal Control. A humane agent said they’ve asked Meisenhelder and Beaupry to allow them inside so they can check on the dogs, and inspect their living quarters. It hasn’t happened.

“Hopefully nothing dies in the process,” said Cody. “This is awful.”

In the cat and kitten case, Meisenhelder and Beaupry are both charged with 23 counts of animal cruelty and one count of animal abandonment. They’ll be arraigned next Friday.