COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Have a home? Have a car?

Watch your mail for a letter warning you that your warranty is about to expire, and telling you that you need to renew it urgently.

Melrose Cross found an urgent letter in her mail the other day.

“They are saying that my warranty is about to expire,” she said.

It had to do with her homeowner’s warranty.

“‘Our records indicate that you, in all capital letters, in bold ink, have not contacted us to get your home warranty up to date.'” she said.

And it warned of major repair costs if she didn’t pay up for coverage.

But wait a minute, she thought.

“I’ve never had a warranty with this company,” she said. ” I’ve never heard of this company.”

It was very similar to a letter Sheila and John Kippley found in their mailbox last fall.

“It said it was extremely urgent and time sensitive.,” they told us.

They too had no recollection of having any warranty.

Now even if you don’t own a home or condo you could still get a letter like this, not about your home warranty, but your car’s warranty.

These letters and postcards all make it seem urgent that you renew a warranty before something goes wrong.

But the Better Business Bureau say these are all marketing ploys. It says do not be pressured to buy a warranty, but rather check any warranty company reviews at

Melrose Cross worries her older neighbors just might call the number and give a credit card, thinking some benefit they have is about to expire.

“They might buy into it, and be out a lot of money,” she said. Bottom line: Never call a number for some service or warranty you didn’t recall having in the first place. That way you don’t waste your money.

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