(WCMH) — We all bring our car in for oil changes, and 99 percent of the time everything is fine.

But one man says the shop forgot the oil. And it’s gone downhill from there.

Dan Connors says his daughter brought their Nissan into an oil change shop a few weeks ago, and soon after called him to say “Dad it’s broken down.”

So he says “we had it towed to our mechanic. And they told us pure and simple, there is no oil in it.”

The shop even admitted to it.

“They said it is 100% our fault. We didn’t put oil in it, we will take care of it,” he said.

But the repair, he said, was botched, and he had to bring it to another shop for more repairs.

Luckily it’s rare for an oil change shop to damage your car.

But it does happen. That’s why some people actually check their oil before they leave.

At the very least you may just want to walk around the car, and make sure nothing is missing, damaged, or visibly leaking.

And when you start it up, if anything doesn’t look or sound right, bring it back immediately.

We contacted Connor’s oil shop, but they told us they paid for the engine rebuild and fulfilled their side of the bargain.

In the end, it cost him over a thousand dollars out of pocket to get everything right.

So check your car after oil changes, before you hit the gas.

That way you don’t waste your money.

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