COLUMBUS (WCMH)–With everything we are dealing with this pandemic, robocallers and scammers are still calling our cell phones.

And the number one unwanted call so far in 2021 has to do with your car’s warranty, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Now, the Better Business Bureau is joining the FTC in warning about these calls, and urging car owners to research the company carefully before they buy what is often called a “vehicle service contract.”

It seems that almost every day, someone needs to reach you about your warranty expiring.

“We are calling with an urgent message about your car’s warranty,” the automated caller says.

Sometimes they even know the make of your car.

“This is an urgent call about your Volkswagen’s warranty,” (or Honda, or Toyota, or GM etc) another call said, making you think there is a problem with your car.

How do they know what you drive? They typically purchase owner lists from manufacturers and the state, though in many states, it is considered public record.

But the FTC says “buyer beware.”

While some of these companies are legitimate, in many cases these are shady firms that may sell you a $1,000 warranty your dealership won’t recognize and won’t honor.

Now, the Better Business Bureau just issued a late October alert about many of these companies, saying it has thousands of complaints about warranty companies not honoring repair bills.

Many customers say they brought their car to a ship, only to learn the warranty company denied paying for the repair, leaving them forced to pay out of pocket.

If you want an extended warranty for your vehicle, talk to your dealer about which warranties they will accept in their shop.

You ideally want one that pays the dealer directly, and does not require you to pay, then get reimbursed. Shady warranty companies will reject your claim.

That way you don’t waste your money.