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Man shocked to learn insurance won't cover required scans after crash

If you are in a minor auto accident, will your insurance company cover the cost of auto scans? Do you even know what an auto scan is and why it's important to your vehicle warranty?

Better Call Jackson got a call from Derek Weaver. His 2018 Jeep was hit from behind while he was in a parking lot.

The insurance company of the person who struck him picked up the repair cost but Derek was shocked when he received a notice from the insurance adjuster.

"Giving me a list of what State Farm is refusing to pay for, the first thing they have on the list was the scan, the pre-scan, mid-scan and 3rd scan," says Weaver.  

Prior to his accident, Derek wasn't even aware of safety scans. "Absolutely not, so I had no idea, I didn't realize they were that important", says Weaver.

David Rice is with 3-C Body Shop and shows us how the hand-held monitor performs the scan.

"You need to ensure the customer that that's what is going to function properly and the safety system will react the same way as they were designed by the engineers by the manufacturer", says Rice.

This is not exclusive to high-end vehicles, just about all cars require the scans because of the traffic warning indicators, airbags, rear cameras, ABS and all the other safety devices.

The damage to Derek's Jeep was repaired and he's thankful the crew at 3-C performed a mid-scan for free, but did not do the post-scan, which has Derek concerned about the warranty on the vehicle.

"My biggest concern is that something happens down the road, obviously I hope it doesn't but yeah, the fact I got my warranty voided because State Farm refuses to pay for the scan. Mopar specifically states, are required and must have for any type of collision no matter how minor", says Weaver.

David Rice from 3-C says, the system is in place for a reason.

"What happens is, these codes are stored in the computer it may not put a trouble light on the dash but they are stored in the  computer in our vehicles in what they call the body control module and this point if they are not cleared and they go in for a warranty work and the same areas or in the type of area was damaged, there's a potential they may void their warranty.", says Rice. 

Here is the statement from State Farm to Better Call Jackson:

Each claim is handled on its merits. State Farm may determine vehicle scan operations are necessary and will include a corresponding cost for that operation to support the amount owed to a vehicle owner while we cannot discuss a specific claim, due to customer privacy, we welcome the opportunity to review a claim if you can provide that additional information.

Better Call Jackson discovered the cost of the safety scans are not cheap, depending on the vehicle, you can expect the fees to run anywhere from $250 to about $400., which is why, many consumers, like Derek, don't want to pay a fee for something they did not cause.


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