COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Cheryl Laferty and her husband, John, were married for 38 years.

But in January of 2019, John passed, and was buried in the cemetery across the street from the home the couple shared in Madison County. Then, in July of 2020, Cheryl ordered a headstone for her late husband’s gravesite from Yauger Monumental Works in London.

“It was lovely,” said Cheryl. “It was a very, very professional, very informative, pleasant experience.”

Cheryl paid more than half of the cost of the headstone, about $1,000, with the rest to be paid once it’s in place. But that first meeting on July 28, was the last time Cheryl would hear from the company.

“About three months went by, and there was no word from them. I decided to drive over, and the place was just simply locked down,” said Cheryl.

So, Cheryl called Better Call 4. I went to the business on February 22, and the lights were off, and the doors were locked. Only a sign hangs, citing an “illness” as the reason for the closure.

“If they would just call me or say we’re having this delay, or we had this problem with… Whatever. I mean, we all have issues that come up. And just to hear nothing is the difficult part,” said Cheryl.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get a response, I went to London City Hall. Mayor Patrick Closser said he’s reached out to the business, and has not heard from anyone since October of 2020, adding that the city or law enforcement cannot take action, until unhappy customers do.

“There have not been any charges filed at this point, but I am taking that into consideration,” said Cheryl. “We’re going on nine months, and I think out of respect for my husband, and, it’s just time for closure.”

I reached out to the London Division of Police, and Chief Glenn Nicol told me there was only one complaint against the business on file, but that was resolved. However, he said the division “would accept any complaints and look into each one to be considered on its merits.”

Customers can also report any issues with this, or any other business, to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.