COLUMBUS (WCMH) — You could win $1 million or a scholarship to a state university in Ohio’s Vax-a-million lottery, and your chance of being part of the fortunate few is just one phone call or a click away.

But some tell Better Call 4 that you’re concerned about logging on to enter.

Several people reached out to Better Call 4, claiming that anti-virus software McAfee blocks access to, warning that the “site contains potentially dangerous content that could harm” their PCs.

Better Call 4 called cybersecurity expert Mike Moran, with Affiliated Resource Group, to ask about the security of the website, and what users should do if they get one of these messages.

He said the warning is likely because the website is brand new.

But before you ignore the warning from McAfee, or any other anti-virus software, be sure that you’ve entered the correct web address — take the time to double-check your spelling.

If there’s an error, there is a chance that you could be redirected to a fake or unsecure website.

If you have the correct web address, Moran said you may have to re-enter it and hit the refresh button a few times before you’re finally granted access.

Because it was created through legitimate state government agencies, Moran said the real website is perfectly safe to use.

If you’re having additional trouble accessing, the Ohio Department of Health offers the following tips:

  • Refresh your page. If you visited the website before it went live, you may need to refresh the page to load the current website.
  • Clear your cache in your browsing history. If you visited the website before it went live, your browser may be loading a previous version of the website. Clearing your cache will force your web browser to load the current version of the website.
  • Update your web browser. Older web browsers may have difficulty loading and the site’s security features designed to keep your personal information safe. Updating your web browser to the newest version will not only help you load properly, but it will also give you the most up-to-date security features to protect your computer or device, as well as your personal information.