COLUMBUS (WCMH) — When Amanda Bedford moved back to Columbus four years ago, she couldn’t fit all of her belongings into her apartment. So she rented a storage unit at Public Storage on Morse Road.

“It was convenient,” said Bedford. “Right around the corner from my house, so I could go over there whenever I wanted and get things and put things in there.”

For $60 a month, Bedford stored items like dog crates, a figurine collection and more.

“All the pictures of my first German Shepherd, a lot of cooking stuff, extra things I just didn’t have room for in my kitchen.”

Bedford said she last went to the unit in late 2020 but didn’t have a need to go back until April 19 of this year, after she heard from Public Storage.

“I got a message from them, and I had never gotten a message from them before, so I knew something was weird and I called them right back, and he was like, ‘We had a little break-in.’ And I was like, ‘Uh oh. I’ll be right down,'” said Bedford.

Someone cut the lock and emptied her unit.

“Everything is gone,” said Bedford.

But also left a few things behind.

“There were also some random things that were not mine in there,” said Bedford. “Just other people’s photos and things.”

Bedford filed a police report and a claim with her insurance agency and tried to work with Public Storage to resolve the incident, but said she could never get any answers from the facility.

I called Public Storage, and left messages with the corporate office. Then, at the beginning of June, Bedford was contacted by Public Storage, and was offered three months’ rent back.

I spoke with her on June 28 about it, and she said she was thankful for a solution.

“I feel better about it,” said Bedford. “That they at least took responsibility and acknowledged enough by giving me some rent back on the unit… which again, is thanks to you.” 

Bedford said the money appeared in her account three days after speaking with Public Storage. 

I asked her about security at the facility. She said renters are given a code to get through the gate and each unit has a lock and key, but there is still no word on a suspect or any details on when the break-in actually occurred.