COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Carol Gallo called Better Call 4 in the fall and was frustrated with the condition of the railroad crossing on Godown Road near Linworth Road in North Columbus.

She wanted the problem to be fixed then, and so did many of you, who have since asked me if something is going to be done. So, I checked back with the company that maintains the crossing.

Gallo said she’s lived near and driven over the tracks for the last decade. During that time, she said uneven pavement, loose tracks, and broken railroad ties have forced drivers to put on the brakes big time.

“You go over this track fast, and you’re gonna know it,” said Gallo. “Everyone living out here knows. People that don’t know are the ones that are going to suffer, because we know to go over those tracks slowly.”

After reaching out to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and the governor’s office, Gallo turned to Better Call 4.

“I thought, ‘I’m calling!'”

And Better Call 4 answered.

I reached out to the City of Columbus, the Public Utilities Commission, and finally, CSX, who responded with a statement, saying in part that they were “aware of the situation,” and that a team “inspected the crossing” and would be “out again to make repairs.”

That was in November.

I asked, immediately after, when that would happen, but never got an answer until now.

CSX now tells me that it is “currently scheduled to make grade-level and surface condition repairs to the crossing during the fourth quarter of this year,” meaning sometime between October and December.

Just as before, Better Call 4 will follow up with CSX, and will bring you an update when those repairs are complete.