COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Pam Spring bought her first pair of HeyDude shoes earlier this year, from Dick’s Sporting Goods, “because of how popular the shoes are.”

The Buckeye Lake resident said they were comfortable and easy to wear, too. So, she went online at the end of March, to, to buy another pair. “I ordered a pair that looked like a denim blue,” Spring said.

When they arrived days later, Spring said the shoes were dark blue, almost black. She went back online to set up an exchange. The new pair arrived, but in the wrong size. Spring took both pairs to the post office to return them.

“And I have my post office receipt from when I mailed them back and so, I tracked it,” said Spring. “And I mailed them April 4 and it says they were delivered at the front desk/reception area on April 6.”

Spring said she waited a few days for the refund to show up in her bank account, but it never did. So, she called customer service.

“No one was very friendly on the phone,” Spring said. “They said they weren’t going to issue a refund, because the shoes hadn’t been returned in time, which was May 1.”

Spring said she kept all the emails with purchase dates and return deadlines, and that didn’t make sense. So, she took the step to call Better Call 4.

NBC4 anchor Jennifer Bullock reached out to HeyDude and was initially told by customer service that Spring “failed to return the item on its deadline.” She inquired again, and again was told that one of the orders was “overdue.” So, she provided additional order details and dates, asking for clarification.

A representative told Bullock Spring missed the delivery deadline for one of the orders and provided me with another return label to ship the item Spring wanted to return. She then specified for customer service, again, that Spring already returned both orders.

Finally, after a week, she received a message from the company, confirming that they did receive Spring’s returns, and are processing her refund.

Spring said she’s grateful to get her money back, and has a message for other shoppers.

“Go directly to a store that carries them. Buy them there,” said Spring. “You might not have the color choices that you have online, but at least you’re assured that if you need to return them, there’s a way better chance that you’ll be refunded.”

Spring did want to make it clear that she does not take issue with the company’s product, just the customer service.

Bullock did find that the company has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, with hundreds of complaints about customer service.