LONDON, Ohio (WCMH) — A Central Ohio business closes its doors, cuts off communication, and leaves customers without the products they paid for.

Better Call 4 first told you about Yauger Monumental Works in March, and since then, several more frustrated customers called, including the Morris family.

Shortly after the death of their daughter, Miranda, Roger and Corabeth Morris purchased a headstone, paid in full, in April of 2019 from Yauger Monumental Works in London.

“They were good to work with when they were there, but ever since then, you can’t get an answer,” said Roger.

It was nearly a year, February of 2020, before the couple saw the finished product, in a warehouse, not at Miranda’s grave site.

“So, it’s been sitting, finished for a year at their place, and we can’t get it delivered,” said Roger.

The Morrises say they’ve tried repeatedly to get ahold of someone with the company.

“You call and you try to get somebody to talk to and the voicemail’s either full or ‘We’re with somebody and we’re out in the field.’ Leave a message and they don’t call you back.”

Roger said he and his wife are not concerned with taking the company to court, or even getting their money back. They just want the headstone to honor their daughter.

“We want it. We paid for something and can’t get it delivered. So, we would just like to have it for Miranda,” said Roger. “No questions asked. Take it out there, and great. We’re done.”

I called Yauger Monumental Works, and no one answered. The business in London is dark, the doors locked.

So, just as I did for a previous customer, I reached out to the London Division of Police once again. In March, Chief Glenn Nicol told me there was only one complaint against the business. But after our first story aired, the chief said there are now at least nine cases being investigated, including the Morris’.

Chief Nicol went on to tell me that there is a subpoena out for bank records from the business. Once the department gets that information compiled, it will be sent to the Madison County Prosecutor for consideration as a criminal investigation.