COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — In November, Better Call 4 told you about a Columbus man who said several agencies, including the IRS, believed him to be dead. Because of that, he lost out on money that belonged to him.

“I was informed I was dead in December of 2020,” said George Sadler.

But Sadler is very much alive. He called Better Call 4 last year, after he was labeled as “deceased” by his bank, insurance company, and the IRS.

After a few weeks and several phone calls, Sadler thought the issue was resolved, until he never got his stimulus payments or tax refund.

“My tax return showed they owed me $668,” said Sadler.

Sadler said he tried for more than seven months to get ahold of someone with the IRS. When he couldn’t get through to them, he called us. And after several attempts on my end, I got through, and provided a representative with Sadler’s information.

“The gentleman called me and talked to me at length,” Sadler said. “He said that we will keep on this until we get satisfaction.”

That still took some time, Sadler said, because of what the IRS called an “error.”

“The check had been issued, had been mailed to you, and there was a problem with the address. And the check had to be returned,” said Sadler.

Better Call 4 stayed on it, and Sadler finally got his money.

“Thanks to you guys, eventually, I got the satisfaction,” Sadler said. “The IRS sent me a check for $678 and change.”

The extra $11, Sadler said, was interest.

“When I saw the total, I laughed because $11 isn’t much for the grief and aggravation that I felt I went through,” said Sadler. “$11 won’t hardly buy a 12 pack.”

Sadler still hasn’t received the missing stimulus payment — a total of $1,400. If he wants to get that money, he’ll have to file taxes for 2021.

Sadler normally doesn’t file, so he’s planning to speak with a tax service to see if that is something he wants to do.