COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Veterans at American Legion Post 490 are hoping for some help from above. Post Commander Kevin Kohn said the building’s roof has been leaking for the last several years.

“We couldn’t afford to replace the full roof, because it’s just way outside of our budget,” said Kohn.

As a temporary fix, the post hired local company Industrial-Roofing to make repairs in 2019. It took two days, and cost $8,000 dollars, but also came with an agreement that the contractor, Mitch Tennis, would make more repairs, if and when necessary.

“There’s an agreement, that for three years, up to 2022, every few months he’d come and inspect,” said Kohn. “And then if there’s any leaks, he would address the issues.”

Early on, Canteen Manager David Fogle said the repairs held up.

“After his initial repair, it was good for six months,” said Fogle. “And then we’d see a little trickle, just some spots, and we understood, you know, he’ll do the spot checking.”

Which Tennis did, two or three times, according to Fogle. But in December of last year, things got worse.

“These just keep spreading. Now the water’s in the lights,” Fogle said.

Fogle and Kohn said getting Tennis on the phone became more and more difficult.

“I think there was one conversation in the beginning, but there has never been a subsequent conversation since the first calls,” said Kohn.

After I met with Kohn and Fogle in March, I called Industrial-Roofing, and spoke with Tennis. He said scheduling spot-checks has been difficult, because of the inconsistent weather. But four days after our conversation, he went back to the post, to make repairs.

Kohn said, that’s what they paid for.

“Just honor the contract. Honor the agreed work that he can do,” said Kohn. “I mean, we’re not asking for a miracle. Get us through 2022.”

Industrial-Roofing is not rated with the Better Business Bureau, but has been in business for nearly 50 years.

Tennis said he took care of most of the leaks when he went to the post in March and had good results. But said spring is a busy time, so getting to the post any time there is a leak is difficult, and everything has to be scheduled.

As for a more permanent solution, Kohn said the post knows it needs a new roof on the back end of the building, but said they can’t afford it, especially after the pandemic.