COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Merion Village residents are frustrated with the state of roadways in their community, specifically East Jenkins Avenue.

“We want answers,” wrote Jessica Nolan in a message to Better Call 4.

She said the city is not responding to community members’ calls and their requests to repair East Jenkins Avenue between South 4th Street and Parsons Avenue.

“Our neighbors have been trying to get our street resurfaced for a few years now and the city of Columbus is ignoring our request or providing poor answers as to why they cannot resurface,” Nolan wrote.

She said East Jenkins Avenue is “very neglected compared to the rest of the neighborhood. We are hoping you can help as we are at our wit’s end.”

Better Call 4 reached out to Columbus for answers and a spokesperson provided us with the following statement:

The Division of Infrastructure Management is aware of the pavement conditions on East Jenkins Avenue, and the street has been identified for resurfacing from 4th Street to Champion Avenue in our 2022 resurfacing program.

We followed up and asked why resurfacing will not happen this year, and this is the written response a spokesperson provided to Better Call 4:

Other streets were identified as having worse pavement conditions and/or greater traffic volumes. Many city streets require resurfacing, and the Department paves as many as possible each year with the amount of capital improvements funding available. We anticipate being on Jenkins once construction season starts next year. Typically, City Council considers legislation sometime in the spring to authorize the contract for the first resurfacing project of the year, and then the contractor begins work on that group, or package, of streets soon after. The Department of Public Service sends out the list of streets included in a resurfacing project once City Council has authorized the contract.