COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — If you’re in need of a financial boost heading into the holidays, the State of Ohio’s Division of Unclaimed Funds is holding onto a lot of cash, according to a program administrator, Susie Wagner.

“Right now, we have $3.6 billion that we are safeguarding for the State of Ohio,” said Wagner.

Where does that money come from, and how does it end up with the division?

“Unclaimed funds are lost and forgotten money that businesses and banks report to us, the division, year after year,” said Wagner. “And that money comes from inactive checking accounts, savings accounts, refund and credit balances.”

Wagner said the division works year-round to get unclaimed funds back to Ohioans.

“We returned more than $75 million in unclaimed funds to the rightful owners last year,” Wagner said.

But you can check to see if you’re owed money, and the process to do so is pretty simple. Start by visiting the Unclaimed Funds website. Search your name and if you find unclaimed funds, you can generate a claim form, gather the supporting documents and send it to the division by mail or online.

Wagner said the process is the same if you’re searching for or claiming funds on behalf of a loved one who’s died.

“If you are an executor of an estate, a beneficiary of a trust or an heir, you can initiate a claim,” said Wagner. “You can look up money for anyone, and we encourage you to do that.”

Wagner said there is no time limit or deadline when it comes to claiming those funds. The division holds onto them until they are claimed.

Once you initiate a claim, Wagner said it can take up to 120 days to review the paperwork and get your money to you, which will come as a check in the mail.