COLUMBUS, Ohio — For Chris Swartz, it all started with a knock on the door of his Columbus home in October of last year. On the other side, an in-home sales representative for AT&T, who, after what Swartz called a “quick front-porch pitch,” convinced him to sign up for AT&T’s internet service.

“I said, ‘Fine. We’ll give it a try,'” said Swartz.

Then, another offer.

“At the same time, this young man said, ‘Hey, I see you have an iPhone. We can give you a free upgrade to your iPhone.’ I said, ‘For free?’ He said, ‘Yes. A free upgrade.’ I said, ‘If it’s free, I’ll take it,'” Swartz said.

And he did. Swartz traded his iPhone X for a 13 and said everything worked perfectly. Two months later, though, something wasn’t adding up.

“I was going through my bills to get everything ready for tax season, and I noticed it was January… or December… that my bill was $60 higher,” said Swartz.

That prompted him to take a closer look at his billing statements.

“Apparently, what I got was in this free phone, was a different phone line that I was being charged $100 a month for,” said Swartz.

Swartz called AT&T’s customer service but said he was passed from department to department. And while waiting for a solution, got another surprise.

“In March, I got a bill for $850-some,” said Swartz. “So, when they canceled the phone line, they charged me for a phone that was supposed to be a free phone. At that point, I called you.”

Swartz also called the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, which contacted AT&T. In no time, Swartz said he got a call from the company’s executive office, and the charges were erased.

Swartz said he was relieved but confused about what happened.

So Better Call 4 reached out to AT&T. The company said it was a misstep by the sales representative. In a statement, AT&T said:

“Unfortunately, our salesperson made a mistake when working with this customer. We’ve apologized and corrected his bill.”

If you’re a customer and have any concerns about your billing statement, AT&T suggests you call Customer Care at 800-331-0500 or 611 from a mobile device.