COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Decaying and crumbling but is a north Columbus railroad bridge in need of immediate attention? 

A Columbus man contacted Better Call 4, concerned about the condition of the railroad bridge on Cleveland Avenue near Leona Avenue. 

“There are several concrete pillars that have decayed, and chunks of concrete have been crumbling to the ground,” he told me. “This needs immediate attention before we have a collapse with casualties.” 

I took his concerns to the City of Columbus, which told me that bridge is the responsibility of Norfolk Southern Railway. 

That was my next stop. 

Jeff DeGraff with Norfolk Southern told me, “All of our bridges and structures are routinely inspected based on standards set by the Federal Railroad Administration. I confirmed that this particular bridge has been inspected within the last year and is approved for continued use. I understand the concern some may have based on the physical appearance of the bridge. All loose concrete is removed as soon as we are made aware. Most of the time this is superficial damage and does not impact the integrity of the bridge. If it is more severe, we will respond immediately and halt traffic until repairs are completed.” 

DeGraff also said safe operations of trains and safety through Norfolk Southern’s communities are key for the company. 

If someone is concerned or has an issue, contact the railway directly at 800-453-2530.