COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A Cash App transaction turns into a scary situation for a Columbus man and his wife, who asked to remain anonymous. 

“What we were trying to do is pull money to make an additional investment, and our bank would not allow us to pull the amount of money we were trying to get out.”

About $14,000. So, as a work-around, he transferred the money to the mobile payment service. But when he tried to send the money to the investment account, the transaction was denied, and that $14,000 was left sitting in the app.

Unsure of what to do, he searched online for a phone number, for Cash App Support.

“Bunch of results pop up… we look through, we found one, looks legitimate.”

He got through to someone claiming to be with Cash App Customer Service, who told the couple to download a tech support app, that would give him remote access to their account. The couple thought they were making progress, until the next morning.

“We get a notification that our phone number has been unlinked from our account.”

Scammers took control of their account, and any hope of getting back their money.

“We’re checking everything, and then we’re frantically trying to figure out what happened, what do we do.”

The couple went to Cash App for help, this time, through a customer support email address within the app. After a few days, they were able to figure out their next steps.

“What we had to do, is provide a large amount of information.”

Next, they created a new Cash App account, so the company could return the money; which it did, nearly two weeks later, on April 13.

But even with a total refund, after switching banks and getting new phone numbers, the couple said they’re doing things differently from now on, to protect themselves from potential fraud.

“Moving forward, we’re not using Cash App. We’re using this new thing called ‘cash.'”

I reached out to Cash App after speaking with the couple on April 12, and the company said that it has been actively working on several areas, including improving help pages and customer support contact information. The company also has an updated number, 1-800-969-1940, that can be reached seven days a week.